Wednesday, 5 July 2017

The mighty gorilla

WALT; write a non chronological report

Remember to use:
  • an opening paragraph explain what your report is about.
  • headings and subheadings for the main body.
  • an closing paragraph, recapping on what you have written.
  • Pictures, maps etc with captions to explain what they are.
Remember to use faction not opinions.

The Mighty Gorilla
Gorillas are animals that live in the mountains and forest Africa. File:Male gorilla in SF zoo.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

What do Gorillas look like?
Gorilla are black but the male gorilla has a silverback. Gorilla's arms are longer than their legs. They can grow to 6 feet tall and weigh up to 500 lbs. The gorilla has small ears and 32 teeth.

What do they eat?
Gorillas eat Bugs and leaves and there is lots of other things.They are mainly vegetarian. They eat up to 50 lbs of food a day.

Where do they live?
Gorillaz live in Mountains tropical rainforests and lots of places and in Africa.

How do the behave?

Gorillas like climbing trees and they behave like humans.And groom one another.They live in family groups with 1 dad and lots of mums. They walk using their arms and legs but can walk upright. Gorillas are very smart and they can use tools. They are shy and not aggressive unless another gorilla threatens them. I think they are magnificent creatures.


  1. He Jacob my name is Tyran and I go to Kawakawa Primary School.I really like your Gorilla post and how you described it.It would find it hard to be a gorilla and eat vegetables.I think you should add more pictures so we can see what it looks likes.You should look at my blog some time.